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September 18th 2013………ITS FAIR WEEK!!!!!


          Growing up in Mecklenburg County I didn’t get to experience county fairs. So when my boss told me last Monday that the County Fair would effectively shut down all business in town, I scoffed at the notion……..I was wrong. Ferris Wheels are cool, fair food is delicious. Little did I know that the shining lights and hovering aroma of fried fat and vegetables would have such an impact on my life.   


          First of all Lexington area commerce is pretty much shut down unless you are purchasing tickets at the Fair for rides. For the record I don’t trust rides. No prejudice against Fair rides, it is all rides. Carrowinds, any other theme park. Roller coasters are death machines, and those things that spin real fast around and around (the one at the State Fair is called the Himalayan) Images of being tosses head long into the concrete hundreds of feet away keep my toes planted firmly on the trash ridden Fair grounds.


          So with area business in a less than stellar mood to talk about future investments, my week becomes an exercise into how to figuratively (and literally in the case of my car) spin my wheels without going any where. I drink a lot of diet Sunkist driving around it is my one of my favorite pass times. This week judging from my reclying box, I have drank over 10 and its only Tuesday. If they every prove that diet drinks will give you some horrible disease 20 years from now I’m as good as dead.


          So when you break it down the Fair interrupts my lively hood at my job here at the Radio station. Makes me drink what may or may not be poison and I don’t enjoy any of the death contraptions erected in minutes at the fair. (I left here Friday in full view of the Fair ground. There was no ferris wheel built. I come back Monday. There it is! How can you trust something built in two days!) I wouldn’t trust a lego toy built in two days! Take your time people! 


September 3, 2013…..So I’m a Yo Yo….An open letter to Randy Swicegood


            Let’s get one thing out in the open. Myself Don West has been and always will be an NC State fan. Yes 99.9 is a UNC affiliate (thank goodness UNC is a great team to sell as they are usually pretty good or decent in Basketball or Football), and yes sometimes I do make some remarks about UNC during the Sports Corner segment. Last Friday was one such show…..Last Friday Randy Swicegood got very angry at me.


            Last Thursday UNC played South Carolina. All week I had heard about how good Brynn Renner was (Someone needs to explain his skill to me because I just see an average Quarterback.) I made a simple statement along these lines and said that I didn’t think he was very good, and that the Tarheels would lose to South Carolina. IN THIS SAME BROADCAST, I remarked about how bad NC State has been and how I thought they may lose to La. Tech. UNC did eventually lose I predicted.


            I came on the show Friday and commented on how poorly UNC had played and how the Hype Machine surrounding the team was a little unfounded. Again in the SAME BROADCAST I reiterated how I thought NC State wasn’t very good and would possibly lose to La. Tech. Apparently though a certain local UNC fan (Whose name rhymes with Dandy Spicegood) took offense to my breakdown of ACC football. Ole Randy decided that he needed to express his displeasure to another employee here at the station in a long voicemail. Here are some high lights


“I don’t know who this Don guy is” Randy I’ve been working here 6 months and I have more radio knowledge in my pinky than you do in your body


“Who is this yoyo” Randy don’t call someone a yoyo. I can’t tell if you are insulting me or trying to enter into a friendship with me


            So my guy Randy didn’t like that I spoke out against a team we are an affiliate of. So let me pose this question to you Randy. When UNC plays poorly and I state that “they played poorly” how does that have an impact on the station? My job is to make the station sound interesting and to sell advertising to help local business get in front of our thousands of listeners. If our station is simply a fan boy of UNC it is going to sound boring as all get out.


            So Randy I tell you this. I won’t tell you how to do your Shoutouts every morning if you leave the actual radio work to me.


            Just so we are clear, My Name is Don West. I am in fact not a Yo Yo although I have owned several in my life. I have worked in Radio for several years. If you would like to come to my office and have a discussion like adults please stop by the station. I’m in the office across from Will’s I have a small chair for you to sit in. 


August 23, 2013…….Things that happen at 6am


          In my transition to moving to a more permanent residence here in Lexington I have been staying with my parents in Charlotte. Preface this by saying I haven’t lived with my parents full time since I left for college almost a decade ago. In that decade my Mother has fallen in love with some interesting hobbies. I will outline these today.


          The first and most obvious when you come into our home is her love for animals. We have two dogs; one Dewey is a rescue dog. He is a Doberman mix (I use mix as a general statement because he has a curly tail which is super weird, so I have no idea what other breeds he has in him) The other is Buddy….Oh Buddy the dog my Mother found at the barn. Buddy is a menace, a Jack Russell mutt with a serious small man complex. Buddy either cannot or actively refuses to be house trained. (he lived in a barn for years so I can understand, he doesn’t really care where he does his biz) Buddy is also super annoying. He gets Dewey (who until Buddy came along was super laid back and never barked) all jacked up and often launches surprise attacks at Dewey. These attacks last for minutes with Dewey being as patient as he can with until he has had enough and grabs Buddy by his head and quickly puts an end to the situation.


          A Summary of our dogs positive and negative attributes




$1·       They don’t live with me


$1·       Dewey is pretty cool




$1·       Buddy is annoying as all get out


$1·       They smell


$1·       They make the house smell


$1·       They give me allergies


$1·       They are not very intelligent *Buddy


The next hobby is creating a true to life recreation of the Amazon rain forest in our back yard. There is at any given time in our yard.


                   -Hanging vines


                   -Prehistoric giant plants with huge leaves




                   -Frogs (dead and alive!)


                   -A pallet of boulders waiting to be arranged


-A row of boxes stretching the length of the yard with idk what in them (this was the most recent)


          My Mother works hard on her jungle and I have no ill will towards it. The funny part is the facebook updates about the life in her jungle. For example recently there was a frog that lived in the jungle. She hadn’t seen the frog for a few days. She notified everyone via social media that the frog was believed to be dead. (day ruiner I know!) Then low and behold one day the Frog is back! Praise the Lord he has risen!


          The last hobby of my Mother’s that I find so peculiar is her latest…..Meal worms……pallets and pallets of meal worms. This morning as I was leaving the house around 6:15am I found my mother on our porch with a lamp and a bucket of what appeared to be sand. “Mom what are you doing?” I inquired; she replied “feeding my meal worms!” Just another Friday morning feeding the worms……normal right……RIGHT! What do you feed a meal worm? What purpose do meal worms serve? Is there an end game for these meal worms? Will there at some point be a meal worm casserole? Fact; Meal worms are gross…


          So my Mom is walks to the beat of a different drum.


August 22, 2013…….Planning things out


          This may come as a huge shock but more than anything on this planet I hate planning things out. This blog that I write for LXN, (I know shocker, can you believe I get in and just right this thing without thinking about it…..I mean the quality is so amazing how could a guy not plan this right?) Sports corner I usually get in the chair seconds before the mic comes on and just start talking. (I know this is an even bigger SHOCK! Sports corner is the best radio on earth how do I just wing it?) Honestly the first time I went on air I brought in some notes to kind of form the segment around. I was immediately ridiculed, I mean bringing notes seemed smart to me. Max thought it was funny…..I was embarrassed so I never did it again. Even as I write this I just sat here for about a minute thinking “hmmmm how am I going to finish this paragraph? What do I write after this nonsensical mess?” Let us see where we go from here (ha just finished that paragraph like a pro)


          So planning things and goal setting, in my other life as a sales person these things are important. To save my life I can’t do it though, I know that planning geographically where I want to make calls each day would probably be more efficient. Then I would lose that moment where I get in my car at 10am (or 11am or 9am, I don’t have a set time when I leave, maybe I should make a plan for that) So if I planned things I would lose that moment when I get in my car and start it and think “Well where to today Don, and then I drive around for a minute and say alright well lets go THIS WAY!” My day has started officially.


          Goal setting, for most of my life this has been done for me, my parents informed me that I would be going to college when I was about 6 years old. So I made sure I didn’t totally flunk out of school so I could get into college. School teachers would say “if you don’t do this project you will fail” alright well my goal was set, do the project, but don’t get too carried away and do it well…..just do it to completion. Here at the station they tell me go sell things, alright I’ll go sell things. Hey we need you to sell a lot of things, alright I’ll go sell a lot of things….or I’ll probably get fired…..Goal set.


          So what I’m trying to say is I’m going to try and plan things out a little better. Hopefully you all will appreciate it, if not too bad I’m not doing it for you anyway. The plan today is to find a place to live, after that try and sell some radio. After all that I plan on watching the Panthers game GO PANTHERS. So that seems like a full day. Enjoy your day everyone!


P.s. I never plan on proofreading these blogs. 


August, 21st 2013…….


          First I would like to apologize for my month long absence from the WLXN website. A few changes in the world of Don West, everything is calmed down now so it is back to work.


          That brings me to the blog today, Everyone can think of a long term situation weather professionally or personally where when you are in said situation you are so wrapped up in it you can’t see how its changed you. Your personality is different, you speak differently, and you like and do different activities than you historically have. While you are in this fog you can’t tell that all this has changed, just going with the flow. Then one day you are ejected from the fog, you get fired or get out of the relationship you were in. Then you look back and think “WHOA WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT”


          I think everyone has a personality baseline. A solid base where your good attributes and bad attributes even each other out and you are a (hopefully) normal person. Let’s face it some people are just straight out of wack and cannot be helped.


The issue I think arises when you get in these situations that exaggerate your negative attributes. If you are a fun and easy going person, getting into a job that makes you serious as a heart attack, not to good. (obviously most jobs need to be taken seriously, but come on unless you are curing cancer lighten up ok)   So you get into these situations and you forget that you used to be funny, and stressing about deadlines or cleaning dishes or being home at the exact right time sucks. So deadlines then become fun for you, and curfews after the age of 18 PARTY TIME!


So in my seriously limited view (Most of you reading are far older and more intelligent than me) finding situations and people that bring out your best attributes is key to being yourself. You can always force yourself to be happy, or fool yourself into thinking hey it is a lot of money I can stand to be miserable. When you find those people or situations all of the sudden you look at all the other nonsense you put up and realize that money or comfort level wasn’t really worth putting up with all that crap. So in my rambling here what I’m trying to get at is, jobs that make you miserable suck, and people that try and constantly change you suck as well.  Changing yourself for the better is always a good thing (grammar/exercise/not hating everyone), but changing who you are fundamentally is dumb and get away from people who want to do that as quickly as possible.


Per usual I never proof read these so sorry about it



July 24th, 2013…Some people have to ruin all of the fun




Tweetsie and I have a long and storied past. A veteran of multiple train robberies there, I was actually marginally excited to be going back. There is not a better ride in the South than the train ride at Tweetsie. (Spoiler alert if you don’t want to know about the train ride stop reading now) The train gets ROBBED, and you are ON IT! Every 7 year olds dream you are a part of some serious drama! After my first trip to Tweetsie I would plan following trips to the park around the train ride. “Alright” I would think “I have got to get some firepower to defend the train” wouldn’t you know it the Tweetsie general store is chocked full of Bowes and arrows (sucker tips of course) and the ole trusty 6 shooter revolver (caps included, orange barrel tip BOOO)


So there I would be, on the train. Weapon holstered, waiting for the robbers to come and try and get my precious cargo. Train slows to a halt, “Ok where are these guys” I would think. Then bedlam in the back train cars, These guys are everywhere now is my chance! I raise my weapon ready to fire. All of the sudden I am betrayed, it is always the ones closest to you that you have to watch. My own Mother! “Don put that gun down and just enjoy it!” Are you kidding Mom! Put the gun down? Our lives are at stake and you are on the robber’s side!? I holstered my weapon with dismay in my heart.


          That was Tweetsie to me, the opportunity for sweet vigilante glory. I have now gotten unconfirmed reports that the train robbery is no longer a part of the ride?! So let me get this straight, because someone thought that the train was actually getting robbed they had to stop doing it? Here is a tip, before you get on an old train with a bunch of precious cargo at a WESTERN THEMED park…..ASSUME IT WILL BE ROBBED! Then ASSUME THAT THE ROBBERY IS FAKE AND JUST FOR FUN!


          So here I am 27 years old. Unbridled by parental supervision, free to purchase my sweet old friend the revolver at the Tweetsie General store. Take that revolver and shoot some robbers without my Mom telling me no! Despite all that, I am stopped because somepeople can’t handle any amazingly realistic train robbery! Come on people, I get that we should be nicer to one another. Train robberies are cool, your child will be a better person because they got to experience it.


          I have lost all faith in the coming generation liking cool things. Not their fault, these dang parents and their morals GEEZ!


July 22nd , 2013…..Childhood Heroes… Villians


          I’m 27, in admittedly not so great shape for my age. I think about things I did when I was a teenager. Play basketball at a somewhat high level (very lowest of a high level, but I did what I could do with the genetic hand I was dealt.) I ran or did something involving cardio exercise on a semi regular basis. On Sunday I sat and watched a listless Tiger Woods, a child hood hero of mine, wander around a golf course trying to find some semblance of who he used to be. I sat there with a pounding headache (a long night on Saturday, totally self-induced pain) and thought wow I don’t want to end up like this guy. Angry and lost because he can’t do the things he used to do.


          At the age of 12 I saw Tiger Woods win the Masters. I had dabbled a little in golf growing up but this was the moment that made me pour my heart and soul into the game. I followed Tiger growing up as close as possible. I knew what video games he liked, what golf clubs he played and how he played in every tournament. He was everything I wanted to be and for the majority of my childhood I mirrored his attitude (sometimes this had a bad effect.) Now some 15 years later I see him do immature things that he used to do in his 20’s. Cussing, tossing clubs having an overall bad attitude. Having matured a fair amount since I was 12 it is very possible that I have matured far more in these 15 years than he has.


          Many of you could care less how Tiger Wood’s acts, many of you have probably stopped reading this far because I wrote about him for 2 paragraphs (to those that still are WAY TO GO GUYS! Stay with me here!)  Wood’s represents something that all of us had growing up I’m sure, someone that we saw as what we wanted to be when we grew up. Some of us may have picked people that were actually good role models. Most of us though probably picked someone that at a young age we thought had it all. Only to grow up like I did with Tiger and realize they were human and had their own serious issues.


          It is tough seeing a hero crumble to ash right in front of your eyes. For me it has taken 5 years to see that Tiger Wood’s isn’t someone I want to be like, he is someone to see as an example of what can go wrong if you forget priorities and where you came from. Having a hero who represented success to me at a young age, Then getting older and figuring out that being in your late 30’s and angry as a cobra is no way to live. In a way it is a good thing. I strove to be like someone growing up who was successful, now having reached a moderate amount of success, I see said hero, as someone I can be better than in some facets of life. 


July 18th, 2013…..Before you send that hateful message….


          We have all been there. Someone makes you so dang mad you can’t stand it. You will show them right! Ah, a strongly worded text or email, that will do it! The venom pours from you finger tips to the key pad. YES! This will convey just how angry I am at this person, they are going to ever regret crossing me….


          That is phase 1 of 21st century anger. Phase 2 is that sweet feeling you get when you press send. Like a bullet to the heart, you fire that electronic message away with every part of your being. Ahhhh, the euphoria of getting even with someone. Then comes the hangover.


          Phase 3 is when things start to take a turn. You have probably done one of several things


$11.   Sent it correctly but now you feel bad because you should have just talked it out


$12.   Sent to wrong person


$1a.   Give up you lost the game dude you can’t resend with the right amount of anger now


$13.   Misspelled a word, or been auto corrected


$1a.   Meant to say “you are so stupid” instead you get “you are so stupendous!”


So let us say that you sent everything correctly (option 1) Now you are starting to feel pretty bad. Time passes like molasses….NO RESPONSE! What is wrong with this person! Tell me how hurt you are, tell me how sorry you are to mess with have messed with such a titan like myself! More time passes still nothing. Phase 4 in full effect now. You feel like a fool and a coward. Who sends text messages that are mean, be a hero call that person up from the comfort of your couch behind locked doors and yell at them duh!


          Phase 4 Said person does respond, text is just as angry and mean as yours’ was. Whoa counter attack was not expecting this. Hmmmm now what do you do.


$11.   Get personal family and friends are not off limits


$1a.   Make it so bad that if you see this person in a social setting everyone in the room feels awkward


$12.   Apologize and say you were just being angry


$1a.   You coward


Phase 5 is hopefully where you get too eventually. You call the person say “look you made me mad, sorry I made you mad.” Then everything is cool


          What everyone needs to learn from this is just to avoid the whole situation. Before you send that angry electronic text bullet. Take a breath, just be angry to yourself it will be over quicker that way. 


July 16, 2013…..My eternal battle with Food Lion checkout


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